How to go from intern to full-time product designer

Tips on maximizing your growth as a new designer.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

1. Convince yourself you’re not “just an intern.” 🤓

You can grow up without “growing up.” From my favorite bar in Chicago, where I attended Designation.

2. Grow confident in your whole-self. 💗

Me at my purest—case and point.

3. Build yourself a seat at the table. 🏗

I helped organize for Gusto to host an Inclusive Design event with A11yBay.

4. Develop unique design interests. 🔮

6. Improve your presentation skills. 💬

Introducing myself and my work to our executive team.

7. Learn how to prioritize your process. ⌛

Our new office. What do you want to do in life with Gusto?



Staff Product Designer // Visual Scientist

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