LocalGuide—design process learnings from a career shifter

LocalGuide, a mock iOS travel app, provides information and recommendations about where travelers can go and what to see in cities around the world.

Getting to know the customer

Ellie, age 20, “The Millennial Explorer”

Evaluating the landscape

Defining the product

Millennial explorers need a way to discover and navigate both local and curated experiences while traveling, because they wish to feel connected to the places they visit through personal connection, activities, and authenticity.

Brainstorming, building, and iterating

I used 6–8–5’s to rapidly iterate on my ideas and drew interaction design inspiration from products like Tinder, Matchbook, and Google Maps.

Exploring visual directions

Refining the visuals

Design solution

Next steps

What I learned



Staff Product Designer // Visual Scientist www.caitlinbrisson.com

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